Fire Pits/ Outdoor Fireplace

Fire Pits/ Outdoor FireplaceThe great climate in California is enough reason to spend more time outdoors. Enhancing your outdoor living space not only provides you with more room for entertainment, it also helps you enjoy outdoors in the privacy of your own property. Adding fire pits and fireplaces are a great way to make these a reality. Not only do they provide warmth and illumination in the coldest and darkest of nights, they also become stunning focal points for entertaining guests or for simply bonding with your family.

Enhancing Outdoors with Fire Pits

Fire pits are great centerpieces for any social gathering. Whether you are exchanging stories or roasting marshmallows on a stick, these are an ideal addition to any outdoor space. The great thing about these fire features is that they are usually installed in the middle of certain seating elements in order to provide heat and light to everyone gathered around.

When designing fire pits, we at Forever Pavers and Grass consider a lot of factors for maximum beauty and functionality. The space of a backyard determines just how big a fire pit would have to be. How it will be used is also another factor that needs utmost consideration. The materials to be used will usually depend on the owner's preferences, but we provide various types of heat-resistant construction materials that would work for any kind of fire feature.

Our masons are skilled and trained in installing these fire pits in your backyard. They also know the perfect areas where these features will be most beneficial. Every inch and every detail are well taken care of to ensure quality installation in the fastest time possible.

Maximum Outdoor Enjoyment with Fireplaces

Fire Pits/ Outdoor Fireplace Extending your living area outdoors will provide you more space and more options for entertainment. And we usually recommend adding a fireplace. Imagine sitting on a chair, staring at the star-studded sky framed by the silhouettes of high treetops, while enjoying the warmth and dramatic illumination brought about by outdoor fireplaces.

Fireplaces are not just for indoors anymore. In fact, they are among the most popular outdoor enhancement projects in most homes nowadays. They can be designed to provide that classic look, or they can be fashioned in a more modern way with metal materials.

We are proud to say that we have experts, all well trained in the field of masonry, who could provide you with the design and installation of your dream fireplaces.

Pre-built Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Forever Pavers and Grass also offers pre-built fire pits and fireplaces for those who prefer fast and easy installation. Our pre-built products from Belgard boast of exceptional designs and functionality. You could hardly find these in other pre-built fire features on the market. There are many advantages when you opt for these fire features, such as:

Fire Pits/ Outdoor Fireplace
  • Wide variety of choices for designs, colors, materials, and sizes.
  • Faster delivery time and easier installation.
  • Can be used to test if a certain area is the perfect location. If not, it can be easily moved and transferred to a different spot in your backyard.
  • Great for emergency landscape improvement projects.

When it comes to fire pits and fireplaces, Forever Pavers and Grass is a company you can absolutely rely on. For free quotes or for more information on these hardscape elements, just give us a call. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you.